Sekmenler Makina Sanayi



Sekmenler Makina has been providing engineering services as an industrial Heavy Machinery and euipment manufacturing facility with an experienced an powerful team.

Sekmenler Makina has been providing design, manufacturing and assembling, commissioning the industrial plants and/or heavy machinery & euipment services, in the fields of;

  • Iron & Seel Industry
  • Energy Industry
  • Concrete Industry
  • Cement Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Defence Industry


Main industry always needs for support from suppliers if happens sudden changes on orders /request ratios and production ratios. As suppliers, our duty is providing the services which are necessary with analyzing and planning processes. For that reason, today the companies can achive to compete with just skillful manpower.

As a supplier, Sekmenler Makina takes as a goal to support and provide engineering services for finding solutions of the reuest of worldwide companies. Sekmenler Makina is presenting modern methods instead of old fashion applications and solutions.


Sekmenler Makina TRY is focusing on providing best quality engineering services with low prices and also accomplishes the demands of different fields of sector with modern approaches.


The way we think and work,

Responsibility is an integral part of the way run our business to achieve profitable, consistent and sustainable performance.

Sekmenler Makina’s primary goal is to continuously improve its quality assurance and also to further develop its production quality on time with acceptable prices for its customers. The quality of Sekmenler Makina projects and engineering services has been certified with the ISO 9001:2000 Quality System Certificate.


We hold ourselves responsible – Healt safety issues are of paramount impotance to Sekmenler Makina Therefore, every employee is actively participating in all acnons related to the work environment conditions.